Tuesday, April 15, 2014


What a couple of months it has been. I know I am a little late, but I am about to post a couple blogs to catch up on what the SMU Women's Golf team has been up too

--starting with BASKETBALL

A couple Saturdays ago, all of the athletes that achieved a GPA of 3.0 or higher in the Fall semester, were recognized at the SMU - UCF basketball game. At half time, we got to walk out on the court, in front of everyone, and it was actually really exciting. The men had also won (70 - 55) - and they were then ranked 18th, which was the best they had been since Feb 26, 1985. It was amazing to see how many people went to the men's basketball games this season. The games were ALWAYS sold out, and people actually camped out to get the tickets. They really are incredible and so much fun to watch. Unfortunately they didn't win the NIT game - but on the bright side, since UCONN won the National Championship - it technically makes us the best team in the country, because we beat UCONN twice - so JUST SAYING SMU MEN'S BASKETBALL is the bomb.com and for sure will be the team to fear next year.

 As you can see, we had all matched in jeans and our Red polo golf shirts. There were over 200 athletes that were honored at halftime, which was an incredible achievement! GO US! One of our main goals this semester was to have an average team GPA of 3.5. Not only do we want to excel on the golf course, but we are extremely dedicated in our studies as well. I am very proud of our team and the effort that we all put in to accomplish our goals and tasks. Narrowing the end of the semester, I think we have a good change of meeting our goal in the classroom - but if we don't we will try again next semester!

We all got together and watched the game together, which was a fun team thing to do. Although they didn't get the W, they still proved that they are a great team, and they gave it their best effort - and have come a long way, and will be ready and prepared next year.

Talking about the men's basketball team - another reason they were extremely successful this year was due to the invincible LARRY BROWN. He is an amazing head coach, and an extremely great guy. He took the time to talk to our team, which was really exciting. A quote that he had said that I really liked was: "Talent is God given, but Character is by choice"
Coach Larry Brown and myself 

Coach Brown also mentioned how he doesn't expect his players to be perfect, in fact he accepts the fact that his players make mistakes, and as long as they learn from it - they are actually beneficial. He stated: "A player who make no mistakes, doesn't help his team. Mistakes because of effort are good. Repeated mistakes mean a player isn't learning." Coach Brown said how a player can make zero mistakes in a game, yet not have helped the team win, whereas a player who made some mistakes - but put in a lot of effort and learned from those mistakes, helped his team win.

Larry Brown said he loves golf, because you can't blame anyone else. If he had any players that were selfish, he would tell them to play an individual sport.

He then told us two golf stories, in which I will tell ya'll my favorite one of the two he told

When he was at UCLA, Corey Pavin was a freshman - and every morning, for countless hours, he would put a garbage can out on the intramural field (near Brown's office) and hit wedges into the garbage can, therefore Corey and Coach Brown became pretty good friends. Corey invited Coach Brown out to play Bay Hill with him one day, and they were on a 440 yard par 4. Corey hit his drive out right into the woods, and had 215 yards out. The pin was up on top of a hill, and there was a steep ravine right behind it. Corey took a 2 iron, went into the woods, carved it around the trees, hit the top of the hill and it went into the water. Coach Brown then said to him: "Corey you would never do that in a tournament" and Corey responded "No, I would never hit it in the water."
This statement proves that his belief in himself is what made him great. 

This statement that Corey said is actually remarkable - his belief in himself is so great - and I aspire to have that confidence and belief in myself as Pavin does.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Looking back on the week

Monday we had bright and early workouts at 6:30 AM, and then each went our separate ways for class. Around 4 we all made our way back to Moody, and took our team pictures. We are one good looking team, if I do say so myself. I've learned to accept my spot at being the person on either end, because we always go tall in the middle, and then shorter people on the sides. And unfortunately, since Felicia graduated, I am now officially the shortest on the team.

After team pictures, we had the luxury of meeting and listening to the all time record setter for most tournaments ever won: Kathy Whitworth.
What a joy that was, hearing her speak about her life on tour, her accomplishments, and how she accomplished them. TAKE DEAD AIM. This was her main motto that she used and picked up from  her golf teacher Harvey Penick. This was actually really awesome for me, because where I take lessons is at Austin Country Club, where Harvey taught, and the motto TAKE DEAD AIM is still very much taught and in effect there. Anyways, why she talked about take dead aim to be her key point to success, is because take dead aim allows you to focus on the shot at hand, the future, rather than focusing on your past shots or mistakes. Whitworth has won 88 times on tour (a record that will most likely be impossible to beat), and she mentioned that she took second place 95 times. She is an inspiration, and an exquisite role model. Thank you for taking time to come and speak with us! It was such an honor to listen to you.

Tuesday we had a good practice, and a fun practice schedule, since the weather was a little warmer than the other days of the week. This is what our practice schedule consisted of:

Tuesday, February 4
Today will probably be the best day we have all week to practice and play, so get as much as you can from it.  Along with this schedule, you will find 6 new putting challenges.  Please choose one from each category and finish each, along with the 10 Putt Drill.  Work on putting for 45-60 minutes.
In the short game area please accomplish the following:
Wedges:  Work in sets of 3 balls.  Hit each wedge in your bag with a full swing, a 2/3 or ¾ swing, and a ½ swing.  Drop the balls at the appropriate distance for the shot.  Control trajectory and TAKE DEAD AIM.  Try out the idea of clipping the grass.  Work until your wedges’ distance control = your vision of the shot.  Can you control your spin?  If you are able to do this perfectly the first time through, it would be 27 great shots.  However, use the time to learn to hit the shot as you see it and repeat it.  Don’t worry about perfection; think instead of growing your wedge game.  Work on wedges for no more than 45 minutes.
Bunker:  Work in sets of 3 and hit these 24 shots:  3 from a good lie, 3 from an uphill, 3 from a downhill, 3 with the ball above your feet, 3 with the ball below your feet, 3 from a fried egg lie, 3 from a buried lie and 3 from a good lie.  No do overs!  If you didn’t care for a set, hit 3 more after the 24 are over.  Use your routine on each shot.  See the shot before you hit it.  How high will it fly?  How much sand will come out?  Where will it land?  Will it spin or roll out?  Use no more than 30 minutes in the bunker.

Spend the final hour of practice working on what you need in your game to give you the confidence to compete well.  Consider chipping and iron play, which were not on today’s schedule.

It was freezing outside, so practice was cancelled. But the team had been planning Jennifer's surprise 21st bday party for awhile, and Wednesday night is when we had it! She had absolutely no idea, because her birthday was actually in January, but since it was over the break - we wanted to celebrate it with her! Anyways, the team members came over to my apartment to set everything up, while I took Jennifer to dinner at Chipotle. I kept waiting for a text to come from one of my teammates, saying it was safe to come to the apartment, but it took a little longer than I thought to set up, so I had to stall. I stalled by telling Jennifer I really needed some make up at CVS. Only to find that when I got to CVS, the make up was more expensive then I thought it would be, and therefore I didn't want to buy it. At this point I was running out of ideas, and when I still hadn't gotten the text to come back to the apartment, I decided to go down every isle of CVS and look at everything they had to offer. 30 minutes we were walking around, until finally Jennifer (a little annoyed) was like "Are you meeting someone here or something?" At that moment I got the OK to come back to the apartment, and so I told Jennifer, nope lets go home. As soon as Jennifer walked through the door, the lights were off, and everyone yelled SURPRISE. She was so surprised she actually fell on the floor. It was AWESOME! We had such a fun night bonding over stories, eating cake and girl scout cookies, and playing games. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

We Are One

Monday, our team sat down for an hour and a half, and talked about our goals and what we want to accomplish/how we want to accomplish it. Everyone had awesome input on what we want for our team this year, and I am really looking forward to striving for success with these girls, for not only the next couple months, but years as well.

The picture of the tree above was drawn by our lovely Coach, and has all of our goals for the semester. I can already see the process of achieving these goals taking place, and I am super excited for this season and our semester together, I know it will be great!

"There comes a point when teammates become friends, and friends become family"

We Are One.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

is it friday yet?

Well, this week is the first FULL week of school, and I am already swamped with readings, homework, and studying for tests that will be coming my way in the near future. YAY.

This semester I am taking some pretty interesting classes. It is nice to get past all the stuff that is mandatory to take, therefore you can delve into your major and learn what you want to. Although I still am fulfilling some requirements, most of my classes have to do with my major which is psychology.

On Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays I have Italian <3 my all time favorite class, just because I really love learning my language and getting to know the culture. I hope to one day study abroad in Italy, or just go there for a full summer, but I can't do that until I finish college. I have already been to Italy once, and it was beautiful! I loved it!

Then I have poetry with Jenny. Poetry is not my forte, and I am not the type of person that can read a poem and tell someone how it has a deeper meaning than what the words say on the page. So we will see how the class goes.

Then I have research methods of psychology, which I am not going to lie - it is BORING. However, I need it for my major, so I am not complaining... much.

Tuesdays/Thursdays are easy. I have my favorite class: abnormal psychology, and also italian lab.
Then on tuesday nights I have a night class: Ways of knowing - this class discusses inebriation, addiction, and recovery - which I find quite interesting, so it should be a fun, yet long, 3 hour night class.

We have had our weekly routines of early morning workouts, and team meetings, qualifiers, golf practice, and everything else...however lately it has been FREEZING (literally) outside, so the golf course has been closed.

Although the anticipation for Friday is already setting in, and the semester has only begun...I am now off to my 3 hour night class. Yay for school.

Pony Up!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spring Semester Goals (Individually)

We each had an individual meeting with coach and Dave today; that involved talking about our semester goals.

Semester goals, or goals in general are very important, because they give you something to work towards and accomplish. Here are my goals for the semester:


Ultimate Goal: Acceptance.
“By pointing myself toward how I want reality to be, I impel myself to do whatever is needed to make it come true”

Process / Product Goal


Ball Striking is my strength
Weakness: Mental Toughness//Course Management.
-My goal for the spring season is focusing on my target and having it be more precise. I will work on going for pins that allow aggressiveness, as well as become a smarter player when the pins are not in places to be aggressive at. 
How to achieve this goal: Put more focus and be more observant during practice rounds relative to evaluating the green, as well as focus on each approach shot into the green on where the best possible location to be putting would be.
Process Goal: Being both mentally and physically prepared. Going out to the practice facilities at DAC and hitting irons into greens from certain yardages to different parts of the green.
Product Goal:  Hit every green in the best location for me to have a putt for birdie / hit (on average) 15 out of 18 greens per round.

Short Game
Weakness: Judging the distance (although getting better :) and more comfortable with playing certain shots)
-My goal for the spring season is focus on landing area. 
Process Goal: I will pick out a specific target, lay a towel down on the green, go through my routine, and take less focus off the flag.
-I will work on wedges from different yardages, tight lies, fluffy lies etc..
-I will work around the fringe with different irons/wedges - and use the system of 1/3 on the green and 2/3 roll (depending on the club I am using).
Product Goal: I strive to become the best short game player. I want my percentages to substantially increase, and I strive to be able to get up and down from absolutely anywhere.

Weakness: Lies that are not flat out perfect.
-My goal for the spring season is to become a GREAT bunker player.
Process Goals: I will hit (in sets of 10) bunker shots to each flag at the green I am working at. I will give myself different lies, and prepare myself for the different lies that I can receive while playing.
Product Goals: Have my percentages increase, and be completely accepting if I hit the ball in the bunker. 

Putting: Strength: Starting the ball on my line
Weakness: Not playing enough break
-My goal for the spring season is to average under 30 putts per round, as well as make at least three birdies a round.
Process Goals: I will work on countless drills, lag putting, going through my routine, and focusing on the break point of each putt. I will also mentally prepare myself with self-talk, by constantly telling myself that I am a great putter.
Product Goals: Average under thirty putts per round // as well as make at least three birdies a round.

Mental / Emotional

“I don’t hit it far, I can’t overpower a course, but I think I am mentally tough” 
-Zach Johnson

Identity Statement: I am more mentally and physically prepared than my competition.
Process Goal: Not dwelling on the problem, dwelling on the solution and sticking to my process.
Product Goal: I want someone to look at me and have absolutely no idea how I am playing. 

Additional Goals

  • Raise my GPA - 3.5
  • Finish top 10 in every tournament
  • Write in my journal every day about what I accomplished, and what I need to work on
  • Have fun and enjoy the rest of my sophomore year

Friday, December 6, 2013

snow day AKA holiday!

Up all night last night studying for my last psychology test of the semester, I wake up to find that school has been cancelled due to a SNOW DAY!

A sigh of relief, I looked at this at about 6:15 in the morning, then turned my alarm off for 7 and went back to bed. Best day ever. Although since I had two tests today and a presentation, everything gets moved to Monday. So I won't be looking forward to Monday...but hey more time to study at least.

Since I am trapped in my apartment, that is pretty much all I have to do anyways. I've already watched basically everything there is to watch on netflix - which is seriously the greatest invention ever for procrastination. Honestly, it is so easy to watch a show and then simply click on the next show in the bottom right hand corner once it has finished. Wasting the day watching netflix never felt so easy.

Since I am like a lover of taking pictures of absolutely every moment of my day. I waited till 10 for JP to wake up, and as soon as she walked out of her bedroom I screamed: Let's go take pictures! Thankfully, she understands me, so her immediate response was: give me 10 minutes.
So I am going to post all the photos we took :) I mean, when else do we get to see snow... let us enjoy it!

and last but not least our Roommate Christmas Card Picture <3

and last but not least, my absolute FAVORITE picture I have probably ever taken

Friday, November 22, 2013

fa un freddo cane #brrrr

fa un freddo cane ; or in english it is freezing! Cold & rain are two things that do not mix well - at least not for me. I am not a fan of the cold weather, and Texas being the most bipolar state when it comes to weather - you never really know what you're going to get when you wake up in the morning. Yesterday was in the 70's and today its basically freezing. It would be nice if it snowed or something rather than just being super cold - because then they might cancel school or something. Texas is known for canceling schools when it snows, because it like never happens. Being a golfer I am prone to liking the Texas summer heat, but the cold weather does mean that Christmas is soon- and that is my favorite holiday. Just means I will soon be sitting by fire, drinking hot chocolate, and watching the 25 days of Christmas on ABC family <3